Professional Mentorship Guidance

Three levels of educational and professional mentoring services are offered that are tailor made for students including high school & undergraduate students.

Mentoring is tailor made for dental school & medical school admission aspirants. 

Mentoring is also offered for residency applicants in medical & surgical subspecialties in USA & Canada.

Level 1

3 months support

✅ Initial consultation, needs assessment and discussion of goals and career path

Tailor made plan to individuals needs

Level 2

✅ Everything included in Level 1

✅ 6 months support

Implementation of plan made via needs assessment in Level 1

Review of application materials/projects, with detailed feedback and troubleshooting

Level 3

Everything included in Levels 1 + 2

12 months support

Ultimate mentorship experience with access to Dr. Khosa’s renowned mentorship techniques and methods

Live coaching calls with Dr. Khosa’s team

Reading & audiobook assignments and discussion

✅ Conference calls with recently successful medical and dental students

✅ Individualized support and guidance from the mentorship team

✅ Live Q&A sessions for questions and concerns

✅ Group and individual online sessions with Dr. Khosa

✅ Monthly module training evaluating career goals, mindset, personal and professional training, making the competition irrelevant and more! 

Module Outlines

Module 1: Winner Mindset Secrets

Learn how to create a success mindset, time management and momentum to become the best version of yourself, without self-sabotage.

Module 2: Birds Eye View

Identify ways to highlight strengths to make the competition irrelevant! While mapping out steps to medical/dental school applications.

Module 3: Non-Zero-Sum Game

Creating a win-win environment for yourself, your mentor and your team.

Module 4: Moving Forward

An action plan after completion of the mentoring program for sustainable personal, educational and professional growth.

Other services:
  • Introduction to mentoring: perfect for the accomplished learner who wishes to effectively mentor and lead others (email if interested).